Is Jamie Sparks on Facebook?

So, I thought I’d write this post just to answer the age-old question – is Jamie Sparks on Facebook?

To get to the point immediately, no, I am not on Facebook; I find the entire website abhorrent, not to mention the massive breach of privacy and the terabytes of personal data they farm out to third parties.

The irony is, that I now work in digital marketing and need to use Facebook nearly every day. However, I have a fictitious profile, which I use for work related tasks and try not to login if I can – everything I post to Facebook, I either automate or use a third party tool to do that for me.

Thankfully, I spend virtually no time being on the actual Facebook website, and will never have a Jamie Sparks Facebook profile again. Thank the fucking lord!

Back in the early to mid 2000s, when I created my Jamie Sparks Facebook profile, I could never quite understand the point of being on there. Sure, you could occasionally get back in touch with people from your old school or college, but that seemed to be very short-lived as most of those people seemed to now have kids or were married and really didn’t seem to be quite the laugh that they used to be.

I managed to get back in touch with a few friends from back in the day, but those relationships eventually fizzled out and never ended in an actual meetup or anything worth the effort in making contact in the first place. All in all, it was a waste of both my time and theirs, some friendships die off for a reason, I guess.

Nowadays, I tend to see Facebook as a website for people who are either completely out of touch, people oblivious to the obvious breaches of privacy, or any of the following types of people: vapid, self-centred, narcissistic, shallow, self-serving, attention-seeking, virtue signalling, over 40s, “Karens”, OAPs, idiots, trolls or stalkers.

If you like posting your personal relationship arguments, telling people what you had for lunch or just making your life out to be much better than it actually is, then Facebook is the website for you. If you have a life and don’t need constant attention or approval, then probably not.

As it stands, I am firmly of the belief that no-one in the year 2020 should want or need a Facebook profile. To be honest, it’s now a bit of a red flag if someone asks me if I’m on there; maybe 10 or 15 years ago this would have been relevant, but in the year 2020? No thanks.

So, in conclusion, Jamie Sparks will never, I repeat, never have a Facebook profile, so please don’t ask if I am on there.

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